SAUDI ARABIA: let’s sleep in the desert


A documentary film by Anna Becker and Svetlana Bogdanova


Production year 2023, duration 50 minutes.

I, Svetlana, have been traveling with my daughter Anna for over 7 years around the world. When we both set out from Berlin all those years ago, Anna was 8 years old. Now she is 16 and has spent half her life traveling, growing up on the road in different cultures. Along the way, we have independently produced several documentary films from start to finish.

Our journey to Saudi Arabia was not planned; it simply happened by chance. Saudi Arabia is anything but touristy and was closed to tourists until recently. But after so many years of travel experience, we knew that we could handle it in Saudi Arabia and find it exciting and fun. Anna’s idea was to sleep in the desert. Why not? But we travel with only hand luggage and have no camping equipment, and of course, no tent.

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In this film, we show you the mysterious country and what Saudi Arabia really looks like. In doing so, our expectations didn’t quite align with reality, and some of my prejudices had to be let go!

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