Anna, Asia and Me. 250 Days on the Road. Part 1


A documentary film by Anna Becker and Svetlana Bogdanova 

Russian original version with English subtitles as a Download (You will get an Email with a Download Link)



Year of production 2019, duration – 77 minutes.

I left behind our comfortable lifestyle in Berlin to try a different life. I no longer wanted to live according to the schedule that others determined for me, did not want to meet social standards and meet other people’s expectations. I wanted to experience a feeling of absolute freedom and see how I would manage this freedom. I did not plan anything in advance and did not know where and how much time we would be on the way. As a result, Anna and I spent 250 days in different parts of Southeast Asia. This was one of the most significant periods in our life. For each of us individually and for the two of us as a team, as a family.

Anna and I created this film together from the beginning to the end. It took us a lot of time, since we worked on the way. I edited it at airports, on playgrounds, in parks, in hotels … even on the days when we had no table, no chair, no electricity. It was very important for me to finish it. And finally, the first part (all in all there are 2 parts) is ready, and we both are very happy to show you the result! In September 2019 we made a film tour with this documentary and screened it in German cinemas. We’ve got such positive feedback, our audience was so open minded and cordial.  Some of the people decided to start their own journey, a journey they dreamed of for a long time. 

Our audience is so open minded, so cordial! We appreciate you very much! Enjoy the screening and safe travels!

Your Anna and Svetlana

The official cinema trailer ”Anna, Asia and Me. 250 days on the Road” Part 1.

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